Monday, April 6, 2009

Out Of The Void With Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore has been grinding away at her music career for over ten years. She gained alot of notoriety in the music world for writing her book "Into The Void ...With Ace Frehley", which chronicled her exploits with former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. Wendy became Ace's personal assistant after a chance meeting at the Cathouse in 2008. Her book details a great number of crazy stories about Ace along with his abuse of drugs and alcohol.

I spoke with Wendy recently to get caught up to speed with what's going on in her career. "Well, my second book, 'Out Of The Void', is about to come out this summer. It's a followup to 'Into The Void'. I had so many fans asking me questions after they read the first book so I decided to answer them in the new book," said Wendy.

How did the first book come about? "I was in a bookstore reading 'KISS and Sell' and there was a contact number in the back and I got in touch with them. I thought to myself,heck I can do that. I wrote the book in three months and after it was published I hit the KISS Conventions to promote it. The new book took a little longer. That took me over a year to write."

Her band Venus Envy has a 5 song demo that is available at or Wendy has a very unique vocal styling. It is a little reminiscent of one of her main influences Stevie Nicks. It is very raspy at times yet still delivers a great amount of emotion in its delivery. "Strangegirl" sounds like it could have been an outtake from Fleetwood Mac's legendary 'Rumors' release. Another personal favorite of mine is "Vibrate Me" on which Wendy's vocals shine. "We recently had Bill Aucoin (KISS original manager back in the seventies) send out a guy to LA to see us perform. He really liked the CD and we hope that he will manage us. He does want us to re-record our demo and bring out the vocals a little better so that you can understand them easier. I think that we will wait to be signed and then record it professionally," said Wendy.

Wendy's influences can be heard throughout her bands demo CD. "I love Neil Young. His melodies are incredible. I also love Joni Mitchell for her lyrical content. She can cram so many words into one sentence. Janis Joplin for her raw emotion and Fleetwood Mac for the entire package deal," said Wendy. She is also a part of an internet radio show every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM PST with Greenman at She discusses her book, her music and just about anything else that comes up. Fans are encouraged to send in questions and request songs too.

Wendy is also busy finishing up her first screenplay. "It's called 'Timeless' and it is about something that has never been written about so far.I am really excited about it. I can't say too much about it right now other than I am shopping it to Rob Reiner," Wendy said.

Wendy seems to be all over the radar these days. She was also on a recent segment on the E! networks True Hollywood Stories: Rock Wives where she told about being Ace's personal assistant and about overcoming her heroin addiction. There is a very emotional part of the scene where Wendy breaks down about her addiction.

Our talk concluded with my trapped on a desert island with only one CD what would it be question? "Most definitely Stevie Nicks 'Belladonna'. It's my favorite album and my favorite song. I also have two Stevie tattoos."

Wendy is such an amazing person. She has been through her fair share of hardships along the way, but she just pulls herself up by her bra straps and marches on. We had a great talk that night about everything from some of her favorite movies, 'Foxes', 'Little Darling' and 'Valleygirl' to 'We Are The World' being her first single ever purchased to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' being her first album ever purchased. I wish Wendy all the best in her numerous endeavors and I hope that she finds her "Randy".

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