Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crazy About Christen Sawyer

Christen Sawyer is not your typical college student. Well, when you look at her, she may blend in with the average college classroom. Blond, very attractive with an innocent smile, but she leads a double life. No, she's not a secret agent and even if she was, I couldn't tell you that. She is a very talented country singer/songwriter from Sugarland, Texas.

Christen attends Texas A&M where she is double majoring with her major in Economics and her minor in Business Administration. If that wasn't impressive enough, her single "Crazy" is currently in the Top 20 on the Texas Music Charts. Oh yeah, she's also a self-professed dork. More about that later!

I spoke with Christen recently about her budding career. "So far, it's been amazing. I actually may take a semester off from school because of how 'Crazy' has taken off at country radio, plus my classes are getting harder too. I feel really lucky for the response to the single, even though I was really embarrassed the first time I heard myself on the radio. I just couldn't believe it, I'm such a dork," said Christen.

I asked if she ever considered trying out for American Idol because she really seems to fit the format of what they are looking for. "I have had so many people tell me on my YouTube account that I need to audition for Idol and that I would be great on there. Actually, I thought about it but I was in school every time the auditions were near here. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Oh, I'm also terrified of Simon!"

Christen has a 3 song demo out that really showcases this young woman's vocals and songwriting talents. One listen to "Crazy" and you can imagine Sara Evans doing her own version of this great song. "Better Off Broken" sounds like something right up Martina McBride's alley. "I'm Already Gone" is also a great example of her storytelling ability. Her vocals have alot of emotion behind them and she knows how to convey an image to the listener of what she is saying.

"I have been singing forever. When I was little, I did ballet and gymnastics and it lasted about a month. Then, I started singing and it stuck. It just didn't feel like work to me. The more I sang, the more I began to believe in myself and now, here I am. I have met so many great artists along this journey. I went to a music seminar and met Jack Ingram, which was amazing," said Christen.

Our talk concluded with asking her what cd she would want to be trapped on a desert island with? "Wow! That's a really tough question. I have never been asked that one before. I guess I would have to say my Benji Davis Project CD. They have so many different styles on it and I don't think I would grow bored of it."

Christen is writing material for her full length CD which she hopes to have out by the end of the year. She is busy traveling all over Texas doing radio shows and performing acoustically on the air live. Fans of Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood should check her out at or at This young lady has her plate full with all of her endeavors, but I don't see her that plate becoming too clean anytime soon.

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Erica said...

I love it!!! "I'm Already Gone" It's my song on my myspace page and just hits the spot with where I am in life right now. Very talented young women!! Beautiful voice and smile!! You go girl!! :0)