Monday, July 15, 2013

Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch Keeps It Real Son

Five Finger Death Punch will be getting very little sleep in 2013. The band has not one but two new studio albums coming out this year as well as a co-headlining spot on this summer's Rockstar Mayhem Festival. There's also a headline tour in the plans, but that will be a few months away. I sat down with The Beard himself, Chris Kael and we talked about singing with Rob Halford, being a KISS fan and more for Rock Revolt magazine. Check it out:

David Coverdale Proves There's Still Plenty Of Strike Left In Whitesnake

If you thought David Coverdale has been laying low the last several years, then you have been sadly mistaken. Today's music industry seems to have lost focus on metal, but David and Whitesnake have been very active and show no signs of slowing down. You can read all about it in my new interview with David for Rock Revolt Magazine:

10 Years Don't Need The Machine To Excel

10 Years is a band that's always been just one song away from elevating to that next level. After freeing themselves of the music machine and the powers associated with it, they returned on their new label in 2012 with an amazing new album entitled Minus The Machine. They immediately hit the road and haven't slowed down a bit. I sat down with lead singer Jesse Hasek before their show in Lynchburg, Virginia and you can real all about it at Rock Revolt magazine:

Filter's The Sun Comes Out Tonight Heralds A Return To Roots

Filter have returned with a huge bang with their new album The Sun Comes Out Tonight. It's almost a back to basics approach to what won fans over in the first place, but it so much more than that. Check out my interview with frontman Richard Patrick and guitarist Johny Radtke for Rock Revolt Magazine. I sat down with the two of them before they hit the stage on a stop on their Summerland Tour:

Live: Picking Up The Pieces and Moving Forward

The band Live could have folded up shop and called it a day when they parted ways with lead singer Ed Kowalczyk. Instead, they decided to call on a friend who just happened to have an amazing voice and see how well things clicked. The result was a new found hunger in the band and they took that hunger out on the road this summer on the 2013 Summerland Tour with Filter, Sponge and Everclear. I saw down for a one on one with Chad Taylor for Rock Revolt Magazine:

Korn Go back To The Basics On New Album With Head

Korn are about to unleash a brand new studio album with returning family member Brian "Head" Welch back in the fold. I caught up with drummer Raly Luzier before their headlining gig at the 2013 Rock on the Range and talked to him about what it was like having Head back. You can read all about that interview with Rock Revolt Magazine at:

Heaven And Earth: Bringing Back That Classic Rock Sound

Check out my interview with Heaven and Earth for Rock Revolt Magazine. If you are fans of classic rock and miss those classic rock elements that seem to be missing from music today, you definitely need to check these guys out:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heaven's Basement Are Looking To Invade America's Rock Scene

Heaven's Basement is the latest export from the UK who are forged on bringing old school metal back into the fore-front of today's stagnant music industry. They haven't played a ton of dates here in the US just yet, but thanks to YouTube, they have developed a loyal following here and they seemed to poised to possibly be the next big thing. I caught up with drummer Chris Rivers after their soundcheck and we talked about life on the road here in the US and how the ladies just love those accents:

Skid Row Roars Back On The Music Scene With New EP

The bad boys of Skid Row are back with a kick-ass EP entitled United World Rebellion Part 1. You know, if you're one of those purists who just have to have Sebastian Bach in the lineup or you don't want to hear about it, well then you are missing out in a major way. Bach's been gone since 1996 and it's a new band, but that same sound and attitude. Check out my interview with Skids co-founder Rachel Bolan for Rock Revolt Magazine and catch up on what's going on with the band:

HIM Return To Basics

Ville Valo and HIM are back in a major way with a new album, new tour and a new found focus. Their new album Tears on Tape is a back to roots type of album that taps into the trademark HIM sounds that fans fell in love with from the beginning. Check out my interview with Ville for Rock Revolt Magazine as we discuss the new album, KISS and Hot Topic going corporate:

Former Anthrax Guitarist Is Back In The Spotlight And On A Mission

Dan Spitz may be remembered to most music lovers as the guitarist for Anthrax from "back in the day". Dan left the band, but returned for a short stint several years later and then he disappeared again. Well, He is back with a brand new band called Red Lamb. Dan's also on a personal crusade this time around to raise awareness of autism. Dan and his wife have mirror image twin sons who have autism. You can read alot about Red Lamb, Autism Speaks and much more in my interview with him for Rock Revolt Magazine: