Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carolina Rebellion 2012 Interview With Korn's Ray Luzier

Korn has been on the music scene for almost twenty years. There are a lot of bands who emerged with them in the early 90s who have fallen by the wayside. Korn’s popularity did falter a bit, but the last two years has seen resurgence in popularity. They second on the bill at this year’s Carolina Rebellion and we caught up to drummer Ray Luzier before their set.

Music Is My Drug Of Choice: Hey Ray, I appreciate you taking the time to sit down and talk with us on this crazy day. Let’s jump right into the questions because I know your set is coming up soon. The band seems to have caught its second wind in popularity in the last few years. I know you’ve only been in the band for five years, but you’ve probably noticed a difference in the crowds.

Korn:  It’s really cool to see a lot of younger kids showing up at the shows. Yeah, I’ve been with the guys for five years and the attendance has always been pretty decent but in the last couple of years we’ve seen different generations coming to the shows. I was talking to Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden about this and he was saying how many different generations were going to Iron maiden shows because they have been around for so long. It’s a great thing to see that and to have a diehard fan base and have them introduce their kids to us is a pretty cool thing.

MIMDOC: The band doesn’t seem to want to depend on its past to get them by and you seem to have reinvented yourselves with the new album Path of Totality. That took a lot of people by surprise because of it being dub step and yet, it ended up winning the revolver Golden God Award for Album of the Year. How did that whole thing come about?

Korn: Korn has always had elements of hip hop and rap so to me, this is just them taking it to the extreme. Jonathan’s been a big dub step fan of the last couple of years, so it didn’t surprise me when he told us we were going to head in that direction. I didn’t know we were going to be doing a full blown album. Initially, it was only going to be a five song EP. He met with Skrillex and we were blown away with the sound that they made. You can’t do that with a guitar and a keyboard. From there, it just kind of snowballed.

MIMDOC: So, what’s up for you guys after today’s show? Are you still going to be on the road supporting the new album?

Korn: We finish this part of the tour on the 11th and then we have a couple of weeks off. In June, we’re doing a resurgence of US dates of markets we haven’t hit yet. Then, we start doing crazy places like India and Budapest and Tel Aviv. It gets really gnarly around there. It’s cool to have a fan base like that. It’s definitely a worldwide thing. My very first tour with them was 35 countries in 4 months! I just learned that Korn has never been to India, so that’s going to be nuts because so many people have been waiting a very long time to see us.

MIMDOC: Ray, I know we need to wrap this up so that you can hit the stage, but I just wanted to ask if it was too early for you guys to be looking ahead to the next album.

Korn: Oh no, we’re always writing. Jonathan is like a mad man sometimes. We finish playing and get off stage and as soon as he hits the bus, he starts writing. We have a few songs already worked out, but it’s too early to know what direction we will take. We have three that sound kind of between Korn 3 and Path of Totality. Right now, we’re not on any kind of time frame, so we will have to wait and see.

MIMDOC: Fair enough! Ray thanks again for taking time out of this crazy day to talk to us. I know you have to gear up for your set. We look forward to seeing you guys out on stage winning this massive crowd over.  

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