Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carolina Rebellion 2012 Halestorm Interview

Halestorm seem to have the midas touch right now. Their second studio album The Strange Case Of came out of the gate firing on all cylinders. It’s their highest debut so far in their career and biggest first week sales also and they just hit #1 with their single “Love Bites (So Do I)”. The album has been receiving praise from both fans and critics alike. They were on board to play the 2nd annual Carolina Rebellion on May 5 in Rockingham, North Carolina. We caught up with Lzzy and the guys backstage after their set and got to talk for a few minutes.

Music Is My Drug Of Choice: Hey guys, thanks for giving us a few minutes back here. It’s almost as crazy back here as it is out there! What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been for you guys. Let’s talk a little bit about your new baby that you created. The Strange Case Of had a huge first week, you all must have been ecstatic?

Halestorm: We weren’t really sure what to expect. We had a great time making it and we’re so proud of it, so no matter what it does, it’s awesome in our minds. It’s our first time with a second record, so we didn’t know what would happen. To hear the finished product is awesome adnto be out here now and playing it for everyone is pretty awesome. We’re having a blast playing the new songs for everyone.

MIMDOC: I wanted to ask you if you have any say so in what time you play? It seems that you always play very early in the day. The same thing goes with this year’s Rock on the range. You play a very early set and a lot of people look at it and wonder why you’re not playing later in the day. Is there a method to the madness?

Halestorm: It really depends on the overall lineup and what else we may have going on that day. We just show up and play. If there is a method, nobody’s told me yet! (laughs)

MIMDOC: Your set list today was very heavy with songs from the new album. How hard is it to pick a set list on a show like this? Do you guys argue over what to play?

Halestorm: (laughs) We’ve got it down pretty good depending on the time slot and how much time’s available. We’ve been primarily a live band for what seems like forever. That’s where we live and that’s what we love to do, so we pick a set list and then we watch it. We see how things rise and fall with the crowd and then we tweak it along the way to make it better.

MIMDOC: Can I ask you about “Break In”? It is by far my favorite song on the album and like nothing you have done up to this point. It’s a beautiful and powerful song that seems very authentic in its delivery. Are you drawing from personal experience on this one?

(Lzzy): There are the select few people in my life  that I have let literally break into my heart and helped me be ok with just letting it all hang out whether it be on stage as a love song to the  fans or whether it be my guys. They literally told me to write whatever I feel on this record and not feel like I had to represent anything or one of them. When they tell me that, then of course, the flood gates open. Yeah, it’s a very personal song for me. It’s basically about the people very close to my life and it’s us against the world and thanks for letting me be me.

MIMDOC: It’s a beautiful song and I commend you for opening up and being so honest about yourself. It’s a very powerful song.

(Lzzy): Aw, thank you so much. I appreciate that a lot.

MIMDOC: I am being given the cue too wrap it up, so I guess we have time for one more question. “Private Parts” with James Michael on the deluxe edition; it’s another powerful song. How did that one come about?

Halestorm: Well, first off we love to write together. So, I ended up going to Nashville and I spent like five days with the guy and every time that we would try to get something done, he would be like why don’t we go out for a beer? We would go out and come back and get ready to work and then he would ask us if we were hungry. So, when it came to be the very last day, we were flying out the next day and we were like maybe we should try and finish this song. I had the concept for the song for a while and I wanted to write a song called “Private Parts”, but it could be a song that a mother could love. You know what I mean? So, he had this amazing idea to make it a duet and at the end of the day I told him dude, you have to do this on my record.  We racked our brains as to who we could get to sing it and we all just knew it had to be James. There you have it!

MIMDOC: Awesome! It’s another one of the stand out tracks on the album. Well, it looks like we are being motioned to wrap it up. You guys are in high demand back here, so I thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Congrats again on all the success that’s coming to you because it’s truly deserved. If you are reading this and you haven’t picked up Halestorm’s new album The Strange Case Of, what the heck are you waiting on? Go get it and crank it loud!

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