Wednesday, October 5, 2011

80s Metal Goddess Still Throwing Horns After 25 Years

The 80s saw metal explode into the mainstream and take over the radio airwaves and MTV. It was a period dominated heavily by androgynous men and very few women. The few women who did venture in this genre were seen more as eye candy or a novelty act. It was hard for a woman to be taken seriously as a musician during this time.
Germany brought us a heavy metal band by the name of Warlock and was fronted by a blonde warrior by the name of Doro Pesch. Although she was a beautiful woman, she also had a very strong and aggressive nature to her that has allowed her to endure for over 25 years.

Due to legal reasons, the band changed its name in 1989 and released its fifth album as Doro. She received a great deal of exposure on MTV and many of the metal magazines of that era including Metal Edge, Circus and Kerrang. Her album that was produced by Gene Simmons of KISS also garnered quite a bit of attention. Over the last two decades, Doro has continued to record and tour and has even ventured into acting.

This month sees the release of a special 2DVD/CD package entitled 25 Years in Rock. It’s a commemorative package of Doro’s 25th anniversary show from 2008 when she played the ISS Dome in her hometown of Dusseldorf, Germany. It was the 2500th show in her career and a very special day to all of those involved in her career. We recently caught up with Doro who told us all about the new release and reflected on her long career.

Doro, it’s awesome to be able to sit down and talk to you. Your must be very excited about your new album that’s about to come out. Can you give us some details?

Thank you for wanting to talk to me! I am so proud of this album that is coming out. The show is 3 ½ hours long and there are so many guests on there. Klaus and Rudolph from the Scorpions were there and Jean Beauvoir. We also have a lot of the great ladies of metal including Liv Jagrell, Jackie Chambers and more. The show is huge and it took 10 months just to build the stage. It is a visual treat; it’s the home of Warlock. You know how Iron Maiden had Eddie? Well, we had a huge warlock built that rose up behind the drum set. It had lights and smoke coming out of it and it actually scared some people.

I also read that you were going to be doing a few dates here in the states for the release?

Yes, there are two dates with one being 9/9 in New York City and one on 9/11 in Chicago. Those are two of our favorite places to play and we’ve always done really well there. Hopefully, we will be doing many more dates in the US after the new album comes out.

Your career is in its third decade. You have to have a lot of great memories along this crazy metal ride that you have been on?

Wow, there are so many of them. Where do I start? One would be playing with Megadeth in 1986 on the Monsters of Rock. Touring with (Judas) Priest in 86 is another and our 1987 tour with DIO. Then there was our first tour of the US with Megadeth. I loved recording my album in 1990 that Gene Simmons of KISS produced. He has been the best producer that I have ever had. He was a great motivator and he pushed me to achieve more. Did you know that Tommy Thayer, who is in the band now, was my co-producer on there? He also played a lot of the solos too. Gene brought me a demo of a song called “Unholy Love” that he was singing on and told me that he really wanted me to record it.

There weren’t too many women in metal when you started. The few who were seemed to be more eye candy or seen as a novelty act. Do you think you may have broken down a few doors for some of the women in the field today?

I really don’t know if I knocked down any doors, but I may have taught them how to always be a fighter. My fans have always said that my heart beats for metal. The people out there know I love doing this. The truth has always been in my music and it shows. Nowadays, there are so many more great women out there making music and it has brought more of a balance to the field.

You are and definitely always have been the real deal. How else would you still be doing this after over 25 years? How do you stay inspired? What keeps you motivated?

The fans always have and always will motivate me. I have a great fan base and I live for them. That’s one reason that I have never been married because of how important they are to me. I always have them in my heart and in the back of my mind.

Speaking of your fans, when can they expect some new material from you?

I am hoping, fingers crossed, to have my new studio album out next year. We already have been performing one song from it called “Raise Your Fists” which we opened Waken in Germany with it and the fans loved it. We have been writing for it and it’s going to have all the ingredients; heavy, hardcore, speed and lots of anthems. We will then be here in the states touring as much as we can and hitting as many markets as possible.

That sounds awesome and we can’t wait! Doro, thanks again for taking the time to chat with us. Here’s to 25 more years and a 50th anniversary DVD to come out in the future.

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