Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thomas Dolby: Still Blinding Us With His Brillance

The man who “blinded you with science” is back on the music scene after a long absence. Thomas Dolby, who up and left the music biz back in the early ‘90s, is back with a brilliant, new EP entitled Oceanea. Be warned: those who may be expecting “Science Part 2” will be a bit disappointed. This new release shows Dolby in a more mature, serious state of music making.

The EP is a follow up to another EP released in 2010 called Amerikana. These are both precursors to his first full length studio album in almost twenty years entitled A Map of the Floating City which will be released later this year.

The budget priced three song EP opens with the title track ”Oceanea”, which is a smooth, soothing song ones journey of returning home. His words on this song are beautiful and poetic and a far cry from his electronic heydays. A nice added touch is the addition of the gentle vocals by Eddi Reader.

“Simone” is more of a jazzy little number complete with saxophone. This song also weaves a tale in its lyrics of a love gone bad, but one party not wanting to give up so easily. Closing out the EP is “To the Lifeboats” which references Caroline, a name familiar to all fans of The Golden Age of Wireless, Dolby’s first release way back in 1984. This song does have a little bit more of Dolby’s trademark synthesizer work.

I was very pleased with this EP and it was enough of a tease to make me even hungrier for the full length CD to come out later. Dolby’s songwriting weaves a tale of storytelling that has matured through the years. I found this to be refreshing compared to the humor that was evident in his early work. His work may be a bit more serious this time around, but Dolby will still “blind you” with his lyrical poetry.

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