Monday, April 26, 2010

Kama Linden: A Testament To Positivity

Kama Linden is the embodiment of positive energy. I stumbled across her recently on MySpace and her infectious music immediately commanded my attention. Upon further investigation, I soon discovered that I was about to uncover a shining gem in this bleak music industry.

Kama began recording in 2000 for her debut release entitled "Uninhibited", which was released in the summer of 2004. Her overseas market quickly embraced her and her music, especially in Australia and the UK. A constant barrage of live performances has also helped to showcase her talents to an inviting public.

Her second CD entitled "Better Late Than never" was released in June of 2008 and the media machine got cranked up again. Touring the states and overseas again helped to showcase her talents on a live audience who could see that this young lady is extremely talented and not just a manufactured artist. I asked her how the new CD compared to her first effort? "I think it is much better and more autobiographical. This one took less time to make yet it has a story from beginning to end."

Kama, whose influences include Pink and Melissa Etheridge, describes her sound as ambitious, enthusiastic and intuitive. She can be somewhat of a camillion when it comes to pinpointing her sound. Her new CD has standout rock tracks such as my fav "If Looks Could Kill" and "Drink" to dance songs such as "Been There, Done That" and the title track. She then pulls the rug out from under your feet with a touching ballad entitled "You've Forgotten Me".

Kama is also a skilled yoga instructor. "Sometimes what starts out as your survival job becomes your other life. My idea is that people have been taught by yoga instructors how they need to look and they end up getting hurt. 90 degree feet, head through arms to look at the belly button, take your foot in pigeon and yank it sideways so you can tear your meniscus. I teach people how to use neutral spine, their own turn out and flexibility," stated Kama.

After doing a little research on Kama, I noticed that the term "angrychik" seemed to pop up alot. Is there a story behind this term? "Yes....women with an opinion are considered bitches. How dare you say what you feel, not just wait for your Mrs. degree, get ahead in business and in life. Think Alanis...with a plan."

One last question for you Kama. I am curious to hear your answer to this one. If you were stranded on a desert island with only one store bought CD, what would you want to have there with you? "It would be a tossup between Pink's 'Funhouse' and Evanescence 'The Open Door."

If you like your music upbeat and positive, then I suggest checking Kama out. Her CD is diverse and the styles switch up quicker than you can keep up with. She will always keep you guessing. One constant throughout all of her styles is a message of positivity and hope. Give her a chance and check her out at or at With all of the bad news that we seem to see and hear from our various media outlets each day, Kama and her music are a welcome relief.

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Kama Linden said...

wow, i didnt realize this was part of PSYCHOLOGY today!!! you really are a great, respected writer. Thanks for the lovely review