Monday, February 2, 2009

M Lazar and September Mourning: Full Senses Overload

Enigma. Webster defines it as an inscrutable or mysterious person, something hard to understand or explain. Such is the case with an artist known as M LaZar. She is a multi-faceted person. She has been modeling professionally since the age of 16. She has done major ads for Draven Shoes, Manic Panic makeup, Samson Audio, Loaded and Sourpuss Clothing and much more. One look at her ads and you cannot help but to be captivated by her stunning beauty. She is delicate, yet still displays a composed attitude throughout her work.

She also is a writer and interviewer. She has her own column in the music industry magazine MUEN as well as columns for and She is a music correspondent for Gorilla Wire TV and she has her own show which is entitled Things That Rock. She definitely has gotten her fingers wet in many aspects of the entertainment business.

Then there is the M Lazar that fronts the band September Mourning. There is a beast unleashed on stage. M combines a blinding fury of industrial sound along with sexuality and sometimes growling vocal stylings to presents a barrage to the senses. She and her band present them in a way that is fresh in this somewhat stagnant industry. I spoke with M recently about everything going on in her hectic life.

"Well, the band has just posted a new song on MySpace called "The Bleed" and we are about to go out on the road with Hansel Und Gretyl. Our sound could probably best be described as industrial but with great pop hooks. I like blending sounds together to produce something new. I was always that kid in art class that had to blend all the charcoals together to see what I could form new. I approach music making the same way," said M.

So, with all the modeling going on and the band, what is her main focus right now? "Well, I love modeling and I am at a point in my modeling career where I can actually handpick who I model for. It has to be someone whose causes I support or whose product I use or wear. Right now, everything is about the music. That's my main objective. Modeling is good PR for the band and I will use it to help promote them. My goal is to get our EP out and to bring our music out on the road," said M.

Musically, she draws her inspiration from fellow artists who seem to share her flair for creating very lyrically rich and profound songs. "I'm very influenced by In This Moment, Nine Inch Nails and Glassjaw. I love Killswitch Engage also, they have amazing song hooks. Lyrically, a good song is a good song, but the context needs to be personal. You need to have felt those emotions before you can help the listener truly buy into it."

So, with her foot firmly planted in the modeling industry along with her take no prisoners approach to her band September Mourning, where exactly does she see her endeavors heading? "This is definitely the last time that I am changing bands, I do know that. There is so much potential here and I am working with alot of amazing people both in front and behind he scenes. There are alot of great people who are behind us including a great management team. I'm really excited about what the future holds for us," said M.

I closed the interview by asking m what cd would she want by her side if she was stranded on a desert island? "Wow, I can't pick just one. I can narrow it to two though. It would have to be Jimmy Eats World "Clarity" and Glassjaw's "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence". Both of those are amazing!"

I have to admit that M is a very intelligent young woman is is very headstrong and knows what she wants. Her aggressive nature comes across in her work and her music. Check out her band September Mourning and be on the lookout for their EP which is due out shortly. Check them out and prepare to have your senses stimulated.

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