Monday, March 24, 2014

Interview: Three Thirteen

It's time to kick the tires and light the fires!! If you don't know who Three Thirteen is by now, then you have really been missing out on some maximus rock! This band is comprised of so much freaking talent that they have been deemed illegal by makers of all that fluffy pre-manufactured crap that commands most of the airwaves today.

I sat down with band founder Randy Weitzel, who schooled me on all things Three Thirteen. You can read our interview for Rock Revolt Magazine here:

Album Review: Red Dragon Cartel Featuring Jake E. Lee

Guitar god Jake E. Lee is back with his new band Red Dragon Cartel. The former guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands may have been missing in action, but he proves he hasn't lost any of his amazing talent. You can check out my review of the debut self-titled album from his band Red Dragon Cartel that I did for Rock Revolt Magazine here:

Jake E. Lee Talks Red Dragon Cartel and More

I had the privilege to sit down with guitar god Jake E. Lee recently to talk about his new band Red Dragon Cartel. You can read my interview with him for Rock Revolt magazine here:

Monster Truck Is Ready To Take Over The US

Monster Truck has been wowing audiences in Canada and all over Europe for quite a while now, but the US has been a little slow to pick up on this amazing band. Well, all that may be about to change with high profile tours of the US opening for Buckcherry and then with Alice in Chains.

You can read my interview with guitarist Jeremy Widerman on pages 26-29 of Rock Revolt Magazine:

Joey and Blake From Devour The Day Talk Time and Pressure

I sat down with Blake and Joey from Devour The Day towards the end of their run on the Hellpop Tour 2 and we talked about all things Devour The Day, including the re-release of Time and Pressure, Hellpop Tour 2 with In This Moment and super heroes. You can read it all on pages 22-25 of Rock Revolt Magazine:

Scorpion's Guitarist Rudolph Schenker Discusses MTV Unplugged Release

I sat down with the Scorpions legendary guitarist Rudolph Schenker to talk about the band's amazing MTV Unplugged CD/DVD that was recently released. You can read our in-depth interview on pages 18-20 of Rock Revolt Magazine:

Bobbie Brown Discusses Her Rise To Notoriety As Everyone's Favorite Cherry Pie Girl

Whether you grew up in the 80s or not, just about everyone knows Bobbie Brown as the Chery Pie girl from Warrant's hugely popular video. Well, fast forward to today and Bobbie's career is busier than ever. She recently penned her autobiography and we sat down to talk about that and so much more.

You can read my interview with Bobbie on pages 14-17 of Rock Revolt Magazine: